Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writing in Margins

I'm not sure whether I think this man's resolution to write in the margins of books is sweet or horrible. The comment section seems to swing slightly in favour of writing in margins at this point of time (there being only nine). One pro-margin writing comment was pretty sweet:

Posted by: julierbutler | 01/2/11 | 10:03 am |
My mother wrote notes in the margins of some of her books, and, being a smart woman, I learned to value what she took note of. She passed away over twenty years ago from cancer, so finding those little moments of her life, in her distinctive handwriting, has been a great joy for me. I especially value the little paperback book of quotes by Thomas Jefferson that she read carefully and made notes about, which has caused me to hold a special place in my heart for this founding father.
Call it “defacing” if you will – I call it “connecting.”


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