Sunday, January 2, 2011

5 Myths About Google

Why not get the first Google entry of the new year out of the way quick? How Stuff Works presents The Top 5 Myths About Google:

5 - Google Doesn't Make Any Money
4 - Google Is Making You Dumber
3 - Google Knows Everything About You
2 - Google Earth is Spying On You
1 - Google Wants to Own the Internet

I'll admit part of number four irks me:
Defenders of the Internet make the opposite argument: Google has made us infinitely more intelligent by giving us instant access to all the world's collective knowledge. They argue that Google is the smart solution to a technologically "dumb" and outdated library system. With Google, we can gather up-to-the-minute information from myriad sources with blazing speed.

You can't find everything on Google!


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