Friday, January 21, 2011

A Traitor and His E-Reader

Well, he feels like a traitor, anyway. A little piece about an avid print book reader enjoying his e-reader by Ross Rogers in the Globe and Mail.

To give e-reader proponents some well-deserved points, it’s true that I am less likely to accidentally smear the pages of my electronic book with barbecue sauce. That’s because this shiny tablet costs more than $100. If anybody goes near my e-reader with greasy fingers, I am inclined to attack the offender physically. My paper books, on the other hand, are invariably stained with coffee and chocolate, and I could care less.

One of my classmates has a little e-reader and she's let me poke around with it. I have to admit it's tempting, especially given some Future Shop gift cards I received over the holidays...


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