Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Digital Media Teen Hangout

The Harold Washington Library in South Chicago runs a successful-sounding Digital Media Space for teens to be creative and network.

"Our goal is to draw students in so that they're comfortable hanging out in the library, and then get them to engage with the workshops and technology in the space," Neal said. "We're seeing more and more students who were hanging out, participating in workshops and on the social network. It's been great to see their interests develop."

This sounds like an excellent way to help kids get more tech-savvy and provide a safe place for them to go to that encourages their creativity, though it also sounds pricey:

The Digital Space offers eight desktop computers, 96 laptops, two PlayStation 3's with a library of games, and musical keyboards and a recording studio so teenagers can create music, art and poetry, or jump online and talk with peers in the secure, password-protected YOUMedia forum.

A recording studio? Really? Huh.


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