Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amazon's Unintended Comic Sale

This Sunday (March 7th), Amazon accidentally had a huge sale on hardcover comic book collections. Books normally selling for $62.99 USD were priced at $14.99. Some went even lower, to $8.24. Diamond Books Distributors distributes all the 'sale' titles.

Someone or something somewhere went wrong. Of course, people are demanding they get the books at the lower price anyway. Is this honest? No. Not really.

Plenty of people who took advantage of this error are feeling entitled, with some threatening class action suits if they don’t get their discount books. How selfish. You knew the pricing was wrong, and yet you ordered anyway. If you get any books at all out of the deal, you got lucky. Saying you should get them all is pig-headed. Trying to take advantage of someone else’s error isn’t good karma (although I ordered a few books myself). Trying to profit from it, by ordering multiple copies for later resale, for instance, is just greedy.


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