Sunday, October 17, 2010

Etsy Madness

Hooray for consumerism!

I admit I have a small Etsy addiction. Things are mostly handmade there. They have some pretty awesome selections, and I tend to get compliments on necklaces and things I buy there. Anyway! Here are a couple of good shops:

  • Barrel of Monkeys: It has buttons. Some library types might be interested in are 'Turn Off Your TV and Read', 'Reading is Sexy', 'Coffee and a Good Book', 'Talk Nerdy to Me', 'Don't Judge a Book by Its Movie', and 'Geek Girl'. There are a lot more with various geeky pop culture references ('Han Shot First!') and some that are just cute. 
  • The Empty Nest: Jewelery featuring vintage typewriter keys, Scrabble tiles, computer keyboard keys, LEGO, maps, crosswords, dictionary definitions, Sudoku, and more.

Both sellers are friendly and lovely to work with.


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