Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5 More Reasons to Buy an E-Reader

Look! It's the same story about e-readers again! This time from geeksugar:

  1. You'll read more.
  2. Lots of freebies.
  3. You'll expand your horizons.
  4. They're ultra portable.
  5. Never get bored.
In my case? I still have a pile of books to read, so I wouldn't read more. Lots of freebies I'll give, though I kind of wonder at the quality of some of them and the time it takes to sift through all the crap. Expanding horizons, okay. If it's cheap (or free) I might download it on a whim - that's more likely than going to a library and picking something randomly. Ultra portable, yes. I just carried eleven books home from a book sale at the college and that filled my backpack and then some. (I also had school stuff in there.) Never get bored? Okaaaaaay. Mostly I get bored on bus rides, but unfortunately I can't read in the car or on the bus. Makes me queasy.

Mostly, every time I think having an e-reader would be neat, I think of a bunch of other things I could spend that money on - winter boots, maybe. Christmas presents. Jewelery from Etsy (my horrible secret weakness). A new laptop or desktop, someday, somehow. Maybe some clothes... new blades for my razor... music... Lots and lots of all those things. Anyone got an e-reader they're just giving away? No? Oh, well.


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