Saturday, January 23, 2010

E-Reader Rundown and Notes for the Future

Here is WIRED's gallery of e-readers.

"E-readers, as we know them now, are at a crossroads. Next week, Apple is expected to announce a new tabletlike device that could also be used to read digital books. It’s expected to have a color screen, not the monochrome E Ink display found on most e-readers. Apple is reportedly talking to publishers to bring e-books and magazines to the device.

Meanwhile, other computer manufacturers are showing tabletlike devices, which are also based on color LED or OLED screens.

A device with a color screen could really change the landscape. Add the ability to watch video, play games or download apps — which most e-readers can’t do — and e-readers could start to look pretty primitive by comparison."

I did not know E-Ink pages lagged when refreshing the display. A flash of a black screen between page turns would probably irritate me.


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