Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CNIB Requests Federal Funding

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind can no longer fund their operating cost through donations alone. They are asking for help from the federal government.

The CNIB has funded the cost of an accessible library service for people who are visually impaired through donations for 90 years, but the organization can't sustain its $10-million annual operating cost anymore without federal government support, CNIB executive director for Alberta and Northwest Territories Cathy McFee said Tuesday.

The problem is not only that the organization can't fund the library-- it shouldn't have to, McFee said. All other Canadians can go to their local, publicly funded library for books, while Canadians with vision loss access library services through a charity, she said.

"It is unacceptable that a country like Canada has a two-tiered system when it comes to accessing books and information. It is an issue of human rights," McFee said.

"Disability should not dictate whether the government supports a person's right to read."

I'm amazed to find out the CNIB isn't funded by the federal government. I agree completely that it should be.


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