Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Job Shadow

I got to job shadow at a public library today! My day included:

  • Stamping things
  • Folding pamphlets
  • Talking to schoolkids about a summer reading club
  • Eating pizza and cookies
  • Riding around on the bookmobile

I had crazy amounts of fun. Maybe it's sad, but I like stamping stuff with a real inkpad and folding pamphlets. It's tangible stuff you can finish. Look, accomplishment! Right there! Plus I suspect I have always harboured a desire to stamp things in an official manner. I imagine doing either of these things for very extended periods of time would be less fun, but there's enough to do that you could break it up enough to be good with it.

Seeing the kids was pretty fun. They really do say the damnedest things. And it's great to see them enthusiastic, especially about reading. They seemed to enjoy my modeling swimming trunks for a guessing game, and I'm a sucker for getting a few giggles.

Supposedly library staff do not have pizza every day for lunch but I secretly suspect they do. That must be why they're all so funny and nice.

The bookmobile is a monstrous vehicle crammed full of books. Good books! The people who use it really really use it. The third seat in the back provides a bumpy ride. Sadly, the incinerating toilet does not make a FWOOSH sound when you press the button, but that was the day's only disappointment.

My feet hurt! Sneakers next time.

Working at a public library has a lot going for it, and I am very, very tempted.


Alex said...

I'm so glad you had fun. I forgot to warn you Bookmobile staff are all various degrees of crazy. We remembered to take our meds, though, so that was lucky.

Seriously though, it's been good human resources management training for me (don't teach that to us, do they? In either LT or MLIS...) dealing with an office full of strong personalities! Their sense of humour makes up for any bumps, though.

I'll try to think of other fun things you can tag along on, if they come up....

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