Sunday, May 29, 2011


The easiest way to explain ilibcause is probably to just read what's on the 'About' page:

About #ilibcause
#ilibcause - why are you a librarian?

It occurred to me that some of the best conversations I’ve had lately revolve around the question - why are you a librarian?

I thought it would be fun to collect these stories in a central place so that we’d have a snapshot of all the different reasons people join the information science profession but more importantly, why we’ve stayed in libraries.

I’m collecting anecdotes from Twitter (tweet with hash tag #ilibcause), via email ( and via a submission form on the website

Your answer(s) can be short, long, serious, cheeky (“I look good in pencil skirts”) and anonymous! I’m using Tumblr as the platform, so you can upload videos, photos, chat logs, text, quotes, etc.

My hope is that doing this exercise will accomplish a few things: connect us as a profession, show us ways that we can redefine our image, and perhaps even help recruit new talent into the field.

The forum is open to current library science students and faculty, library paraprofessionals, catalogers, systems folk, and even traditional reference librarians! I am hoping to have representation from all library sectors so be sure to pass this along to anyone you know.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to reading your submission!

So lazy of me! Less lazy of me: trying to figure out what my answer to this question is. It took me a while to decide on a career to pursue. (My backup plan is actually welding; I've taken some courses but the brutal apprenticeship, carcinogens, noise, and general danger have made me shy away.)

I have yet to come up with a solid answer. Mostly, it's little things, some of which seem pretty common:
  • I have always loved reading and the comfort/solace it provides
  • I love books
  • I love helping people - I don't think I'd make it as a full-time teacher, but it makes me very happy to help someone learn something
  • I want to know everything about almost everything
  • I have always liked librarians
  • I like how libraries are adapting and changing and the prevalence of technology suits my skill set
  • I love the stereotypical librarian look (how shallow, but true)
  • The world of communication nowadays is exciting and astonishing - I still geek out over how awesome the internet can be
  • I like putting things in order so that they're easier to use/more organized/can help other people


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