Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chocolate Library, Library of Alexandria, and Condiment Crime Updates

Those upset that the Chocolate Library store was asked to shut down can rejoice: Chocolate Library is go. The shop will also be adding books to its wares... books about chocolate. Everybody wins!

In other good news, the Library of Alexandria (the new one opened in 2002) has thus far been kept safe - people have actually been guarding it.

...When unrest broke out on Friday, a cordon of young people rushed to surround the Library complex (which includes conference halls and a planetarium) and protect it from vandalism.

...The move to protect the Library—as with similar efforts by protesters in Cairo to protect the Egyptian Museum after a group of looters smashed display cases and destroyed two mummies—is not only a matter of guarding the books and other splendid collections housed beneath its circular roof: it is a matter of guarding an idea.

(Read more about the vandalism of the Egyptian Museum.)

In other news, the woman accused of condiment crimes has plead guilty to the charges. The reason for dropping condiments in the book drop? Past conflicts with library patrons and staff. Way to ruin it for the rest of the people, lady. But then, what made her want to ruin the library for others in the first place?


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