Sunday, December 12, 2010

Seniors and E-Readers

Who says older people don't like new technology?

An October poll of 3,000 U.S. book buyers by the trend-tracking company Bowker found that people over 55 were more likely to find “high benefit” in these e-reader factors: font size (61 percent vs. 45 percent for those under 55), portability (87 to 70 percent) and instant access to books (77 to 66 percent). That helps explain why 66 percent of those over 55 purchased an e-book last month, compared with 5.2 percent of those under 55.

Have baby boomers and seniors caught up with technology, or have the newer electronic devices, especially tablet-like e-readers, caught up with older consumers?

Yes, and yes.

I know what she means, but...

“Being able to read ‘one-handed’ under the covers,” Eighmey said, “is pure joy on Minnesota winter nights.”


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