Sunday, September 5, 2010

Morgan Rosenburg

On the subject of crazy books, please see Baltimore City Paper's story on Morgan Rosenburg by Blake De Pastino.

In a nutshell: this guy named Morgan Rosenburg who lies about himself a lot writes books about a fictional guy named Morgan Rosenburg who goes out, has sex with, and then kills women. With extreme, explicit violence. Seriously, that's some pretty nasty stuff just quoted in the article above.

Self-insertion stories are nothing new; people have been writing them for a long time, often creating fan fiction, stories set in the universes of popular TV shows. Some of the first appearances of fan fiction were based on the original Star Trek series, where there were few women in the cast. While some fan fiction is concerned with the stories of the setting, quite a bit is self-insertion and can get kind of disturbing. At first confined to mailing lists and the like, with the advent of the internet people's stories got an even bigger audience. And now with vanity publishing, just about anyone can release a book without the benefit of things like editors and psychiatrists. Morgan Rosenburg is one of those people!


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