Monday, June 14, 2010

Unhappy Children Demand Rhyme Time Librarian Remain

Little kids in Camden, London, are pretty upset about their Rhyme Time reading librarian, Paula Rundell, getting moved to a basement sorting job. Two-thirds of the library staff are being redeployed, presumably as part of a drive to improve libraries by 'balancing the range of staff skills and experience among the libraries'. It is also a cost-cutting measure, as fourteen posts were also cut as well as some programs.

Alexander Price, aged eight, who lives in Keats Close, just a short walk from Heath Library, went to Rhyme Time as a toddler and has been an avid reader ever since.

He said: “I feel really upset and angry. I want to say to the council staff that they should not [move Ms Rundell] – it’s very mean. The job she does, no one else can do, and the job she is going to do, anyone can do, just putting books in bags.”

The article in the Camden New Journal shows a picture of some very thoroughly disgruntled, scowling, and unhappy kids. Particularly the girl in front... if looks could kill.


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