Thursday, May 13, 2010

50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Kids Do)

Here's a scary concept: a book with dangerous activities to do with your children. Sort of.

Some of the stuff doesn't seem that dangerous. My knee-jerk reaction is to think this is a very bad idea. While the Canadian Amazon site's got one review from a disgruntled buyer, the American one has more positive feedback.

Some of the activities include climbing on the roof, breaking glass, sticking your hand out the window of a moving vehicle (the Canadian mother seemed to take offense to that one, "so basic it's insulting"), being blindfolded for an hour, and superglueing your fingers together. Which are all maybe not smart things, but things you can generally survive. And wouldn't you rather your kids climbed on the roof with you there to watch them?

I've kind of wondered what superglueing my fingers together would feel like.

I suppose if you don't approve of some of the suggestions you can veto them.


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