Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Libraries are for Losers

A gentleman in New Jersey took advantage of his library's amnesty period to return an overdue book he took out... in 1955. The $1,750 dollar fine is waived. Lucky for him! It was an ancient-looking Spanish/English dictionary that, from the looks of it, might get weeded from the collection anyway. So that's interesting, but the part that really got my attention were the comments.

While it seems to be removed now, one commenter posted that libraries are 'for losers'. Just download books to read on your iPhone, okay! I liked some of the replies.

  • Libraries are for students and serious readers. Exactly how many complete novels have you read on your iPhone? That's what I thought.
  • First, in 1955 when the book was taken out, he [couldn't] use his iPhone, you dolt. Second, to say libraries are for "losers" epitomizes culture. Losers beat up their girlfriends like Chris Brown. Losers deify thuggery the way pop culture has. Losers sit on blog boards and get down on libraries. Jerk. How many of those books have you read on your iPhone? Bet you can't name a single one.
I declare the winner to be
  • I dropped my iPhone back in 1972! Its was my invention from a parallel universe. That damn Steve Jobs stole my ideas >:( I'd go back and fix it but I'm out of enriched plutonium. :/


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